Thornton Child Care and Preschool Centre Philosophy

In relation to our educational program and practice:

  • We believe children are successful lifelong learners and provide meaningful multimodal types of play based curriculum, which promotes each child’s learning, wellbeing and development and is based upon the Early Years Learning Framework Version 2.0.
  • Children’s learning, wellbeing and development is regularly recorded using the EYLF Framework and is shared with families. Every child is supported and encouraged to fully participate within the program. We believe in inclusion and encourage all children to be decision makers so they can contribute and guide their experiences.
  • We endeavour to maintain a home like environment, which is nurturing and supportive to enhance children’s learning, independence, autonomy, wellbeing, and development.
  • We believe in holistic continuous learning in which families and children are encouraged and supported to share their cultural beliefs, individual identities, and interests to support the learning program. Our practice is informed by our history, our commitment to reconciliation and our respect for the culture and knowledge of the traditional owners.
  • We have high expectations and encourage and support children to make positive behaviour choices and interact with others in respectful ways. Children will be encouraged to accept and embrace equality in people.

In relation to children’s health and safety:

  • We create a respectful learning environment to enhance children’s interests, wellbeing, learning and development while encouraging active and meaningful engagement with each person.
  • We strive to promote independence, resilience and wellbeing using a growth mindset approach to learning.
  • We encourage physical activity and participation through active involvement with educators, whilst maintaining active supervision and safety.
  • We encourage children to develop healthy eating habits, safe hygiene habits, and develop increasing responsibility for their own health and well-being.
  • The health, safety and wellbeing of all children is always given priority and educators ensure regulations and child safe standards are followed and correct ratios always maintained.
  • Accurate records relating to the health requirements of individuals are maintained and educators manage any illness or injuries in an appropriate and timely manner.

In relation to the physical environment:

  • We acknowledge and respect Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander knowledge, culture and perspectives. We strive to embed these ways of knowing and being into our learning environments, so they are inclusive for all children and promotes competence and independence.
  • Learning areas are open ended and encourage exploration, experimentation and encourages children to have a sense of agency in their own learning.
  • We promote an environment which encourages children to engage with the natural environment through meaningful experiences that are a part of everyday practice. We respect the traditional owners continuing connection to the land and community and aim to incorporate this in children’s learning.
  • We encourage sustainable practices within the centre and promote awareness of the impact of people on the environment, each other and being financially sustainable.

In relation to staffing arrangements:

  • We employ Early Childhood Professionals who are highly experienced and qualified to promote high quality care and education, and ensure continuity of staff.
  • All educators share experience and knowledge and work collaboratively as a community of practice to ensure the best learning outcomes for children.
  • Educators share meaningful, ethical, respectful, and responsive interactions with each child and community members. Educators share their culture, interests and passions with the children and families as a part of our learning community.

In relation to our relationships with children:

  • Educators strive to develop trusting, secure and responsive relationships with each child so that they are able to achieve the best possible outcomes in all learning and developmental areas.
  • We understand that each child is an individual with their own strengths and abilities and we encourage each child to actively learn and develop through their participation in meaningful learning experiences and environments.
  • Our interactions with children are respectful and reciprocal, assisting children to feel that they are an important part of the centre.
  • We value inclusion and recognise the importance of working with families and early support services to strengthen children’s relationships, learning and development.

In relation to relation to Collaborative Partnerships with Families and Communities:

  • We understand and value the importance of family and each family is respected for its unique composition and relationships. We promote positive, open communication between educators and families to ensure the best care for each child.
  • We recognise and value inclusion and understand the importance of seeking early support to strengthen children’s learning, wellbeing and development. We aim to support families in accessing support services and work in partnership with external support services to better enhance our curriculum for children.
  • We encourage families to be actively involved with and contribute to the centre, and work in partnership with staff in regard to their child, in ways suitable to individual family circumstances.
  • We develop collaborative partnerships with external agencies and community groups and promote a sense of belonging to the wider community.

In relation to Governance and Leadership:

  • Managers and experienced educators lead by example and promote respect, and a professional and positive work environment.
  • We will ensure the service complies with all necessary laws, regulations, and standards and maintains accurate administrative records.
  • We will regularly reflect on and evaluate our current practices as a basis for continuing improvement to provide the highest standards in early childhood education and practice.

  Our Educational Vision

Thornton Child Care and Pre-School Centre aims to be a comfortable and happy place for children to learn, grow and play. We believe in a community of practice approach where everyone is respected for their strengths and interests and engage each child to become part of their learning environment and the community which surrounds them. Educators and families work in partnership to support the best learning outcomes for each child. We believe that secure relationships and positive social interactions are a vital part of each child’s day to ensure that they sense a feeling of belonging and comfort within their larger childcare family.